TCSHRM - All In Women's Conference

  • 19 Sep 2019
  • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Golden Valley Country Club 7001 Golden Valley Rd Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427-4609

Keynote Speakers

Val Grubb - Stepping up your Game: Moving from Tactical Thinker to Strategic Leader

The inclination facing every employee is to deal with what's right in front of him or her—that is, what's due today. And yes, sometimes you do have to take that "here and now" approach. But if you find hours or even days going by where you're focused only on tactical issues, you're doing yourself, the HR department, and your company a disservice.

According to a survey by Professor David Ulrich of the University of Michigan, a leading expert on HR competency models, 20% of senior leaders currently use the HR department as a business solution partners while 60% of executives expect the HR department to partner with others departments to improve the company’s core competencies and competitive advantages.

The critical question becomes: How much time and energy do you spend focused on the strategic growth issues vs. entrenched in tactical day-to-day tasks? If the answer is not enough, then attend this session to learn the 5 steps to help you transition from a tactical-thinker to a strategic leader. 

Pam Borton - Coaching Resilience and Mental Toughness in the Workplace

The workplace today is filled with endless change, disruption and high expectations. Without a team filled with resilience and mental toughness, your workplace doesn’t stand a chance. Just like a muscle, resilience needs strength training, consistent exercise, and special coaching. Pam will share real-life experiences, tools and strategies on how elite athletes, teams and organizations master mental toughness and build a resilient mindset. You will learn how to move on from adversity and failure, and how to use resilience to outperform your competition. Leaders and successful teams don’t stay on top because they always win – they stay on top because they are able move on to the next play.

For additional event and registration information, please visit the TCSHRM website.

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